Kimberly Schlau | Advocate for Driver Safety and Responsibility



Since she began her advocacy work, Kim’s story has appeared on news outlets around the nation. Her story is poignant, and one that she hopes to spread to drivers all over the nation. View video clips and read the articles highlighting her story and advocacy.

March 2014

“Mother speaks on dangers of distracted driving after daughters killed” | ABC 7, Chicago Eyewitness News | See Video

“Don’t Just Provide Training, Change Culture” | | Read Article

November 2013

“Mother Advocates for Safe Law Enforcement Driving” | 1011 Now, Lincoln, NE | Read Story

June 2012

“A bereaved mom’s life-saving message for cops” | Police One | Read Story

November 2011

“Completely Unprofessional and Very Reckless” | Integritas Research and Consulting Group | Read Story

October 2010

“Trooper wants benefits after killing girls | The Today Show | Watch Video