Kimberly Schlau | Advocate for Driver Safety and Responsibility

Mid-Year Review

In 2014, I gave 55 presentations.  As of today, June 15, I have given 30.  I am on track to beat last year’s record.

In addition to my presentations, I also present in conjunction with Below 100, and am honored to be on their Advisory Board.  Below 100 is an organization whose goal is to keep law enforcement officer line of duty deaths below 100.  Not that 100 is an acceptable number, but it is an attainable goal.  That number has not been below 100 since 1943.

For more information, please visit


I am also honored to be a part of Distracted Drivers Busted.  This is a pilot episode for a future series on distracted drivers:


Here are some links to recent media coverage:

Huffington Post –



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